Hornbæk, the town of styles

It is exciting to visit Hornbæk

Hornbæk is a danish summer town situated on the top of the island of Sjælland. You’ll find it 8 miles north of Helsingør, also called Elsinore in English. Hornbæk is an old fishing port with a wonderful beach, known as ”Denmark’s best”. The population is a few thousands, but during spring and summer the town transforms into a hub. Like a magnetic force field, it draws both Danes and thousands of tourists. Some visitors are from Sweden, Norway, England, Germany and the United States. Thanks to the tourists who visit, the peak of the store sales is from April to September.

Hornbæk offers more than Ilse Jacobsen

Among those who open their arms for the customers is a store named Lind Living, which is centrally located at Hornbæk’s main street.

– Welcome to Hornbæk! Remember to visit all the stores while you are here. We all have something special to offer, says Lulle Slowik Aare Hansen, owner of Hornbæk Lifestyle store. It delivers fashion with style and home with soul.

In this town the exclusive lifestyle is blended with charm and conviviality. Lulle talks warmly about it: ”Hornbæk is a city that has a lot to offer you. Small and special shops with mainly Danish brands”.

Hornbæk is offering an amount of different styles. One of the biggest names, is the Danish designer Ilse Jacobsen who herself is from the town. She has a clothing store, a flower shop and a Spa. It is no disadvantage for the other stores that Ilse Jacobsen is in the town. As the owner of Lind Living saying: ”We have our own styles and selection”.

Lind Living has been in Hornbæk about 4 years now. Lulle took over the store in August 2015 and wanted to keep the store in the same spirit as the previous owner. Is a store that turns to both male and female customers. The customers are of a variety of ages.

Sale among brands

Screenshot_2016-04-27-23-22-47-1 (3)
Amazing selections in Hornbæk

The businesses follow each other in their sale in Hornbæk. The sale begins in the middle of July for the upcoming autumn and winter clothes. Some stores put down the price early to get their assortment sold out.

In Lind Living we find danish and foreign brands. Alike to men, the clothes come from Shine Original and Lindbergh. The clothes for women get more space in the store. Here you can get outfits from Sofie Schnoor, Plus Fine, Copenhagen Luxe, Desires and Stylebutler.

You can even get some interior in Lind Living, like items from Snowdrops Copenhagen, aroma sticks from Copenhagen Candle and the perfume named Zarko Molecule. It is also possible to buy some jewelry or accessories from brands as Starsbyp, Plisse Copenhagen or Amust.


Lind Living advises us to get to Hornbæk:

  • Experience the Ilse Jacobsens Spa
  • Beach Volleyball Tour, 23-24 July.
  • The famous festival, 29-31 July.
  • Scandinavian Beach Polo World Cup, 4 – 6 August 2016.

More tips for exciting and attractive arrangements can be found at citybook.dk.

Photos: Wordsofempa & Lind Living, Text: Wordsofempa


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