Sabrina Petrini – I will, I can, I am

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Sabrina Petrini followed her dream.

As a child, Sabrina Petrini dreamed of  becoming a big star like Michael Jackson and Britney Spears. Like thousands of other girls she was transformed into a mini Britney, who danced and sang hit songs incessantly. Her dream became a reality. From Sweden to the world of music.

Today Sabrina lives and works in Los Angeles and is up to date with the new album titled  ”I will, I can, I am”.

It makes me smile, it’s just like I remember her. A young little lady who corrected the adults and gave comebacks when she answered them; ”My name is actually Sabrina Petrini”. The title ”I will, I can, I am” reflects her focus and shows what drives her. She is confidently resolute when it comes to her ultimate goal.

Important key feature

On her way to success, Sabrina has shown a remarkable key feature that she herself appreciates. ”I’m confident in who I am and have never really been bothered about what other people think about me.” Learn to be proud of what you do, even if no one agrees with it”.

The music comes easy to her and there is no mechanical work. “I express a personal message mixed with a lot of emotion in my music”. Sabrina appreciates her work; ”I will never be fully trained, I always learn something new and evolve. The downside may be that as a songwriter, I never know how people will react”.

Music to help herself and others

”Through my music, I can communicate with many different people from different cultures, and through my lyrics I can help young people”. Sabrina encourages the young ones and says, ”find something you love and be the best at it. People who laugh at you, are people who are unsure of themselves”. This she herself experienced when she was young.

Sabrina is encouraged to continue creating music because of the response from her listeners and the way she makes them feel through her music. Some recognition for herself. ”What helped me and gave me joy when my life was tough was the music. I wrote about my feelings when I was a child. Something I continue to do even today and use to create my music”.

Google helped Sabrina to Los Angeles

The road to Los Angeles was a chance, says Sabrina: ”I lived and went to school in London. The last month, I felt that I wanted to change the environment and left it to Google to determine what would happen. I decided to go for the first school that offered what I was looking for”. Sabrina ended up at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood.

Europeans have got a glamorous idea of the artist life and the lifestyle in Los Angeles, but Sabrina responds, “That life is not reality. This is a constant movie set and an false image has been created; something the rest of the world believes in. Everything looks good in photos. LA does a great job to make us believe that this is the real life”. Sabrina continues to say what is most important to her: ”For me, real happiness is to wake up and feel like all the puzzle pieces sticks together, music, personal life, family, and health”.

A route with errors in positive way

“It is easy to lose oneself as a person in LA. I think you have to be strong when moving here. I’ve clearly stumbled at some point, because it is human. You learn from your mistakes, but I’m not afraid to be myself. If I had done things differently in my life, I had never been who I am today.”

Her drive and strong personality motivated her to leave her mini Britney in Sweden and the people there, some of which did not believe in her. She crossed the Atlantic, with the dream to follow Britney Spears and Michael Jackson’s footsteps, singing ”I will, I can, I am”.

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